Gamewardens.US is a site dedicated to a veteran sailor, CWO Ralph Fries.

Cecil H. Martin's PBR 110 of RivDiv 531a

CWO Fries entered the Navy as an enlisted man and after extensive training and a thorough showing of seamanship was elevated to be a Warrant Officer.

During CWO Fries’ outstanding service to the United States he served in the Republic of South Viet Nam from 1968 through 1969 in two units.  His first assignment was in River Patrol Section 543 and, upon its formation, he was transferred to River Patrol Section 535.

In both instances, CWO Fries plied his skills in behalf of his mates and country as a machinist.  His duty specifically was to ensure that the boats that made up these two sections, named River Patrol Boats (PBRs) were properly maintained, operating and in shipshape.